Taser Axon

Just yesterday, I was discussing the Sanwa Throat Throat Microphone, a type of communication device that clips to the throat like a collar. I have recently discovered the Taser Axon, which works like the Sanwa in the way it clips to your head.

However, the Taser Axon is meant to be a recorder. It is designed to stay affixed to a cop’s head, so that footage will always be taken when an officer is on the beat.

This way, if there is any case against the officer, and it is a civilian’s word against the officer, the evidence will be on the Taser Axon to prove one person’s testimony in a trial.

My source did not say how much memory is on the Taser Axon, and I’m not certain how much would need to be on it to record the usual officer’s shift. I wonder how much would be of interest, either. I mean, do we really need footage of an officer waiting around in a patrol car, eating donuts?

I suppose that we might be looking at an era where every cop is under this type of surveillance. I would say that a long list of questionable actions by police officers in the past is enough to justify implementing this type of system.