The Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with LCD Display

We all have our reasons we miss calls, for many the worst time is when they’re driving in their car. The motor and loud music, and even in some cases noisy traffic can just drown out the sound of a cellphone. It especially doesn’t help if you’ve got on of those ringtones that doesn’t really stand out, which some phones seem like they only come with pitiful ringtones that you could only hear if the room is dead silent. Well to solve your problems, now there’s the Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet.

The bracelet will vibrate when you have a phone call, but not only that, it will actually display the caller id directly on the bracelet.  Making it so that you don’t have to go searching for your phone before you discover who is on the line. This is one of those gadgets that I’m not sure I’d buy for myself right now, but I’m really hoping that it does well. That way they’ll start coming out with different designs that are a bit more aesthetically appealing. For now though, this design works, the look may be simplistic, but it’s not gaudy either.